Frequently-Asked Questions

What are the bracelets made of ? 



Can I bend these bracelets ?

Yes, you can gently bend them a little bit to get them on and off your wrist or arm, and to make them snug or looser.  Just be careful and don't bend them more than you need.


Are the bracelets heavy ?

No, many customers say they are surprisingly light.


What is the difference between the different collections?

GelCandy is a rainbow of bright shiny colors ("flat", no extra sparkle).

Sparkle GelCandy are the same rainbow colors as GelCandy, but with an extra layer of sparkle added.

PastelCandy is a line of pastel colors with a glossy finish and a very small amount of sparkle in the finish.

ClassyCandy is a premium line of neutral tones with super-fine sparkles and a demi-gloss finish.

ShimmerCandy is a premium line of ultra-glittery colors.